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Instructions for

1. Please refer to the program to determine the Zoom meeting address. 

  • We created on Zoom room per day (for talks) as well as one Zoom room for each poster session.

  • The password has been (will be) emailed to all participants on September 30. The same password is used for all rooms.

2. Make sure your Zoom name matches your actual name. You may want to add your affiliation, pronouns, and status (e.g. PhD student, postdoc, faculty) to your name, but this is not required.

3. Please familiarize yourself with the Code of Conduct.

4. Once you are admitted into a session, you will be able to follow the talks. We encourage all participants to turn on their cameras during talks.

5. You will not be able to use the chat function for the first 15 minutes of each 30 minute talk session. 5 minutes before the Q+A begins, you will be able to ask questions in the chat. Talks with ASL interpretation will have two spotlighted users (one for the presenter and the other for the interpreter).


6. Question Policy: Questions will be selected by the Chair. Many more questions may be asked than the time permits. The Chair will prioritize questions from young scholars, women, and minoritized groups. Indicating either of these statuses (in your username or in the question itself) will give you priority over other questions, but is not a guarantee that your question will be asked. 

7. If your question is selected, it may be read for you or you will be given privileges to ask the question yourself. Please, do not exceed the time allotted for each talk.

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