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Instructions for
Talk Presenters

How to present

1. Please refer to the program to determine when your talk is scheduled.

2. Make sure your Zoom name matches with the name provided in the program.

3. To log in into your session, use the Zoom link provided for your session. All Zoom rooms are password-protected. The password has been sent to all participants.

4. Log in 10-15 minutes before the start of your session. This means if your talk is the third talk in a session, you will need to log in 70-75 minutes before the start of your session.


5. Zoom rooms will be run by a Chair and Technical Assistant (or “Tech”). 

  • The Tech will give you hosting privileges and might be a good person to ask in case you encounter a technical problem.

  • The Chair will reach out to you once you log in, in the 10-15 minutes before your session starts. They may ask you about the pronunciation of your name, affiliation, pronouns, and who will present the talk (in case of multiple authors).

  • Before your session starts, you may be able to practice sharing screen.


6. Each 30 minutes talk consists of 20 minutes for presentation followed by 10 minutes discussion/questions. (The 60 minute invited talks have 45 minutes for the talk and 15 minutes for discussion. The 30 minute invited workshop talks have a separate discussion session.) The Chair will introduce you immediately before your talk will start. Please keep track of your time. The Chair or Technical Assistant will remind you 5 minutes before your talk should end as well as when the questions should start.


7. We ask the presenters to strictly adhere to the schedule as it does not allow for delays.

8. Questions will be posted by the participants and will be selected by the Chair. The Chair has full autonomy to choose questions and does not need to follow the first-come, first-serve rule. Generally, questions from young scholars and minoritized groups will be prioritized.

How to upload handouts/slides

1. Please upload your materials at: The password for this padlet is AMP2021. You may do this without creating a padlet account, but you are also welcome to make a free account with padlet here. Uploading materials is optional for talk presenters.


2. When you go to the padlet page, you will see a number of columns. Please find the column with the same number as your talk; we have already included the title and author names provided in your abstract. For example:

Three talks displayed in padlet with titles, authors, and links to handouts, slides, and comments.

3. Please upload your handout and/or slides in PDF format to the post that includes your talk title and author names by first clicking on the pencil icon and then clicking on the upload icon.

A talk title card in padlet displaying the talk title and authors with the meatball menu circled at the top right.
The contents of the padlet meatball menu. The first text item "Edit Post" is highlighted.
The component adding interface in padlet with the add document icon highlighted.

4. You can only upload one slide and one handout file per talk. If you would like to upload other materials or include links to data repositories, etc, you can click on the plus sign underneath the post (see image) to add another post. You may add as many to your column as you would like. You can rearrange the sequence of posts in your column (e.g. Handout, Slides, Comments) by dragging the posts up or down. Please note that the file size limit is 250MB per post.

One talk displayed in padlet with title and author, handout, slides, and comments cards. The plus button at the bottom for adding more materrials is highlighted.

5. We ask that you upload your materials by midnight the night before the start of the conference (11:59pm EDT, September 30). If you would like to edit the materials after the conference has started, please contact us at




This document is based heavily on the instructions prepared for AMP 2020 by Stephanie Rich and Nick Van Handel.

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