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Instructions for Workshop
Poster Presenters

How to present

1. Please refer to the program to determine which poster session you are in.

2. Make sure your Zoom name matches with the name provided in the program.

3. To log in into your session, use the Zoom link provided for your session. All Zoom rooms are password-protected. The password has been sent to all participants.

4. Log in 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start.

5. Each poster will have its own Zoom Breakout room. Once you are in the poster Zoom meeting, go to your Breakout room. We used your email when creating the Zoom Breakout rooms, so you might be already assigned to it. 

6. At the beginning of the poster session, there will be a series of short 2-minute Showcase presentations. You may want to attend that part first.

7. The remaining session is devoted to Breakout rooms and individual posters are not timed. You will have the remainder of the 85 minutes for yourself. 


8. You will be able to share screen, video, and chat.

9. Participants may attend your Breakout room if they are interested in your poster. Encourage them to also check out your Padlet. 

10. If you experience any challenges, you may want to contact the Technical Assistant (“Tech”) in the main room.

How to upload your poster and other materials

Note: Showcase presenters only need to post a link to their online resource and do not need to follow the instructions below.

1. Please upload your materials at: The password is AMP2021. You may do this without creating a padlet account, but you are also welcome to make a free account with padlet here


2. When you go to the padlet page, you will see a number of columns. Please find the column with the same number as your poster; we have already included the title and author names provided in your abstract.

Three poster listings displayed in padlet with title, video, and comments cards.

3. Each column has empty pre-generated posts which you can use to manage your poster presentation. To edit these posts, you’ll need to click the three dots, then click Edit post and then the upload button to upload your materials.

Title card for a poster in padlet showing title and author names. The meatball menu in the top right is highlighted.
The padlet meatball menu contents with the first text item "Edit post" highlighted.
The add components screen in padlet with the "add document" icon on the far left highlighted

4. Please add your materials to the pre-generated posts, in the following order:

a. Poster pdf *

i. Posters should be in PDF format, as if they were going to be printed at 3ft x 4ft (36in x 48in; 92cm x 122cm), oriented vertically or horizontally. They should be uploaded to the post labeled with the title and authors.

A poster card in padlet displaying the PDF poster file.

b. Audio/Video*

i. We encourage poster presenters to make a short video presentation to accompany the poster, to act as your brief poster spiel. This video should be no longer than five minutes. If you are unable to make a video, a brief audio recording can work as well.

ii. For guidance on how to make videos, please see step 2 here: The other steps are not relevant for AMP.

iii. The file size limit per post is 250MB. Keep the size limit in mind as you select video quality. It also may take some time to upload larger files. You should see the following interface while you wait for your files to upload:

The padlet screen that you should see when uploading your files. It is similar to the "add component" screen shown earlier but there are no icons visible.

5. Please at minimum upload a version of your materials by the end of September 25 to give us ample time to resolve any technical issues. You will continue to have editing access until midnight the night before the start of the conference (11:59pm EDT, September 30), in case you would like to make changes. Editing will be disabled once the conference starts. To make any further changes, please contact 


*At least one of these is required to count as having presented at AMP.



This document is based heavily on the instructions prepared for AMP 2020 by Stephanie Rich and Nick Van Handel.

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